Born 04 MAY 1942
Rest 26 MAR 2020
Mr Paramu Yogarajah
Age 77
Paramu Yogarajah 1942 - 2020 Poonagari Thampiray Sri Lanka


Gaura Chandra Das 29 MAR 2020 Brazil

I was deeply saddened to hear about the death of my beloved friend, Sriman Yogarajah Prabhu. For some years I could stay in his glorious presence during some hours, almost every day, when he came take darsan of Sri Sri Radha Parisisvara, where I lived at that time as a monk and pujari.

Few months ago we met again in Paris temple for few hours, as I'm living in Brazil for the last 10 years. He were just the same amazing devotee that I knew more than 15 years ago. At this time I just renew my feelings about his singular and amazing devotion to Our Lords and our vaisnava community.

Yogarajah will always be a great example for my journey in this world as a great Krishna bhakta. Looking forward to be at the same level of his spiritual consciousness. With all my affection and deepest condolences, Gauracandra das