Born 22 FEB 1941
Rest 24 SEP 2020
Mr Paramanathar Pathmanathan (பப்பன்)
ஓய்வு பெற்ற உதவி விவசாய பணிப்பாளர்
Age 79
Paramanathar Pathmanathan 1941 - 2020 Mayiliddi South Sri Lanka
Rest in Peace
Paramanathar Pathmanathan
1941 - 2020

Today we remember not only the person who died, but also the person who led an honorable life. our hearts filled with beautiful memories. We may never fathom how difficult the loss is for you, thanks for the hospitality and wonderful time we spent with him in Urumbirai. Our thoughts and prayers with the family during this difficult time.
College 81 batch

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