Born 22 FEB 1941
Rest 24 SEP 2020
Mr Paramanathar Pathmanathan (பப்பன்)
ஓய்வு பெற்ற உதவி விவசாய பணிப்பாளர்
Age 79
Paramanathar Pathmanathan 1941 - 2020 Mayiliddi South Sri Lanka

வாழ்க்கை வரலாறு

The legendary football player Mr Paramanthar Pathmanathan from Kadduvan passed away today [ 24th Sept.2020 ] . He played for Tellpallai Mahajana College and the Kadduvan Palar Gnanothaya Football team . He played for the First Eleven football Team at the Mahajana College between the years 1959 to 1961. During 1961, Mahajana College were the runners up in the JSSA Tournament. They lost to Tellippalai Union College during the finals by a penalty kick . Late Mr Pathmanathan was an important player on that team along with the famous defenders at that time: Mr Manivannan and Late Mr A Chandrasegram (under the captaincy of Mr Vickiramasingam). All three hailed from Kadduvan . Mr Pathmanathan also played many games for our Kadduvan Palar Gnanotaya football team . In 1963, Kadduvan Pallar Gnanothaya became Football Champion of the Year. The football tournament was organised and run by Kurumpasidy " Uthaya Taragai Manram " . Late Mr P Pathmanathan then took the team up to the champion match under the captaincy of late Mr A Chandrasegaram along with other famous highly skilled players like: Sports Legend Mr Jayarajasingam , Mr Thurairaja [ Ghandi ] , Mr C Manivannan , Late Mr A Chandrasegram , Mr K Vinayagamoorthy , Late Mr T Rajaratnam alis Banda or Vandan , Mr VT Mahalingam , late Mr K Uma makeshwaran , Mr N Pathmanathan [ Mollai nagalingam son ] , Mr Kulanthai Vadivel and the Goal keeper from Kadduvan. During that tournament Kadduvan beat Chunnagam Rocket Club in the semi finals. The Rocket Club was more or less considered the "Real Madrid Club" of our Jaffna Reign. During that incredible match, Mr Jayarajasingam scored a fantastic goal and Kadduvan got through to the finals. Out standing players like Kadduvan/ Myliddy Mr Ramanathan and Mr TP Pathmanathan [ Mahajana coach ] also played for the Rocket Club. These were proud and memorable days for the village of Kadduvan. Mr P Pathmanathan was the younger brother of late Mr P Kulasingam & Mr P Balasingam, (who were famous Athletic heroes, Football and Cricket players at Mahajana College during their time). I am deeply saddened at the demise of Mr P Pathmanathan - our dear Papan Uncle. May his soul Rest In Peace