Born 22 FEB 1961
Rest 11 JUN 2019
Late Nadarajah Ravichandran
Age 58
Nadarajah Ravichandran 1961 - 2019 Jaffna Sri Lanka
Dear Ravi & Family
Nadarajah Ravichandran
Sri Lanka

Sorry for the late message because I do not follow up on social media therefore I heard from one of my friend from London who lived in Denmark few years back therefore he told me the news. I feel upset that I could not visit Ravi for my last respect. My condolences are with you. You lived your life as a living embodiment of love. If only we had more time to give back some of the love you selflessly shared. You have become an amazing friend to me since we’ve studied back in school. We used to act in Drama classes and I feel upset thinking about it. I was looking forward to come and visit you in Denmark and share memories together this August, however I am shocked ever since I’ve heard this unfortunate news. Rest in peace.

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