Born 08 JUN 1933
Rest 16 APR 2019
Mrs Grace Jeganayagam
Former Employee of CWE Credit Dept
Age 85
Grace Jeganayagam 1933 - 2019 Colombo Sri Lanka


Sucharitha Madan 25 APR 2019 India

I am Mrs. Sucharitha Madan, called 'Suchi' for short. I have been working as Administrator in Miracle Ministry for 6 years. I have never had the opportunity of meeting my dear Sister Grace in person. We have just been very close friends and prayer partners over the phone. Very often she should used to call me up and share her health issues, the doctor's report, her concerns and ask me to pray for her. She used to be so concerned about her husband's health as well. Inspite of her own illness, she used to fondly enquire about me and my family and we used to talk for long over the phone. In August 2016, when she called, I just mentioned that I was very busy with my daughter's wedding. She immediately called again, and said she was sending a small gift for my daughter, together with a beautiful greeting card. I was really touched and overwhelmed with her thoughtful gesture. The last call that I received from her was almost 2 months ago, when I had to break the news that Dr. John Solomon himself is suffering from pancreatic cancer. She was such a lovely affectionate person; full of faith and passion for the Lord and His Servants. I will really miss you my dear Sister Grace. May be we have never met on this earth, but I am sure to meet you in eternity. God be with you. I will continue to pray for dear Bro. Dante. RIP dear sister.