Born 08 JUN 1933
Rest 16 APR 2019
Mrs Grace Jeganayagam
Former Employee of CWE Credit Dept
Age 85
Grace Jeganayagam 1933 - 2019 Colombo Sri Lanka


Mrs Luxmie Srikantha & Daughters 26 APR 2019 United States

Dear Grace Aunty, you have been part of the fabric of our lives along with Kumar Uncle from as far back as our days in SriLanka. We remember you with the fondest memories in London when you were frequent visitors. We remember the pillar of support you were to Mummy when our Dad passed. More recently we remember your calls Grace Aunty to Mummy in the USA. You never forgot Mum or us despite the time and distance and was frequently sending us your prayers and well wishes.

As we grow older, we appreciate the presence and kindness of certain people more and more and you Grace Aunty will certainly be well remembered & missed by Mummy and us her daughters. Hope you are at peace Aunty.

With much love from Mrs Luxmie Srikantha and her daughters.