Born 08 JUN 1933
Rest 16 APR 2019
Mrs Grace Jeganayagam
Former Employee of CWE Credit Dept
Age 85
Grace Jeganayagam 1933 - 2019 Colombo Sri Lanka
Rest in Peace
Grace Jeganayagam
1933 - 2019

Hello Friends and Relatives my late wife Graces 31st Day Remembrance is on 14th May 2019, I request everyone who associated with my wife for the past 52 years, remember her as the greatest lady, my late Aunt Regina Thambipillai proposed to me and I am happy that Grace who had lung cancer from 2012 was battling it aches and pain and it was her daily prayers kept her all these years but she was silently suffering and she called me and told me that I will be going to my creator soon but I am worried about you, but the good lord took her to his cherished land. Praise the lord amen
Your loving husband Dante Jayakumar

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