1st Year Remembrance
Born 23 MAY 1952
Rest 24 OCT 2019
Late Amaralatha Selvarajasingam
Age at death 67
Amaralatha Selvarajasingam 1952 - 2019 Trincomalee Sri Lanka
Tribute 40 people tributed
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In Loving Memory of Amaralatha Selvarajasingam 's 1st Year Remembrance.

We are here, a year without you.
The sun shines but its missing its hue
The flowers bloom, but they don't smell as sweet
What could I tell you of this life you left, if we meet
Through laughter and tears
Amma, the yearning never disappears
To have you close for one minute, one second
I would inhale you, hold you and stroke your hair
And tell you all the stories of my despair
Since you have been gone
And left a hole in me for too long
And we would walk in the river of tears you left behind
With your arm around me, till the end of time
Until then I will search for you in every place
To hope for a glimpse of your beautiful face
And for the rest of my days I will roam
To find my way back to my first home
But until then I hear
The tenderness of your voice
And the goodness of your heart
Willing me to go on, though we are apart
I hear you whisper in my ear
I feel it pumping in my vein
The Abundance of love
That overshadows the pain
You are the birdsong at dusk
You are the morning dew
You are not gone
because I am you....

- Composed by Brindha     

Informed by: Family


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