Born 28 MAR 1926
Rest 04 FEB 2021
Vinasithamby Paramalingam 1926 - 2021 Thanniiroottu Sri Lanka

Life Story

Brief family history of Dr V. Paramalingam Dr Paramalingam’s family comes from the most illustrious Vanni freedom fighters who fought the British in the early part of the 19th Century. From his father’s side his family hails from the illustrious Vanni chieftain Pariyari Velon who remained the fiercest fighter opposed to the British rule in the Mullaitivu area circa 1807. The J. P. Lewis manual of Vanni makes mention of him at page 22 as a person sent by PandaraVanniyan to foment trouble and start a mass rebellion against the British rule in Vanni. Pariyari Velon’s son, Pariyari Vinayar held sway in Vanni as the only known freedom fighter in the later part of the 19th Century. There has been a folk song in the name of Kamugamsandai that exists glorifying his exploits as a fighter/rebellious leader against the British. This song remained as a folk song only by word of mouth until 1979 when it was printed for the first time when Dr Paramalingam’s father Mr Vinasithamby died and to commemorate him the song was printed in his memorial leaflet. Mr Vinasithamby was the village chairman of Mulliyawallai village council from 1933 to 1947. He also was the registerer of births, deaths and marriages from 1938 to 1965. He was also co-founder of Tanniyutu Hindu Board school along with Mr S Rajaratnam the Hindu development board chairman in 1934.

Although Vanni history has not been properly recorded, the new research from historians like Mr Ambalavanar Mayuran and Professor Indrapala clearly confirm that the history of the last King of Vanni was not well researched until recently and the history books so far in existence are nothing more than drama narratives with many fictitious characters. Pariyari Velon is from the village of Kanukkerny, the research proves it is in this village that PandaraVanniyan’s father's family also lived. According to late Dr V Pararajasingam of Vavuniya, later Canada, PandaraVanniyan and Pariyari Velon were half siblings. There are two other illustrious families of Vanni chieftains who are represented in Dr Paramalingam’s family. Ponar Vannichchiyar of the Panankamam chief’s family also had strong family connections to Pariyari Velon’s family coming from the same village, Kanukkerny - reference J. P. Lewis manual of Vanni page 19.

From his mother’s side Dr Paramalingam is a direct descendant of Senathypathy Theerar whose real name was Kanapathipillai who was a heroic military commander of the Vanni king who had assisted the Kandyan rulers in their fight against the British. Theerar Kanapathipillai according to anecdotal history has marched through the Vanni jungles with a contingent of cavalry forces towards the end of the 18th Century and the beginning of the 19th Century to provide support to the Kandyan King who himself was a Tamil. In that respect, Dr Paramalingam is a remnant of the Vanni aristocracy.