Born 04 OCT 1959
Rest 25 MAY 2019
Mr George Henry
Age 59
George Henry 1959 - 2019 Colombo Sri Lanka
George Henry
Sri Lanka

Dear friends and family members of Henry
We don’t know each other as a Christian brotherhood , what to say, except that we love you. We can’t understand exactly how you feel, but Almighty God named Jehovah does and will keep raising you all up. We hope that our prayers will help a little to comfort you all . We like to express our sympathy to you all .What do you all think about Jesus Christ Words John 5: 21,28 .We really belief have Jesus Christ is a redeemer and and resurrect my friend George Henry in near future. Do search over the statements and information ,this true shared with you .My friends in 200 countries are having same believe and joining with me to share our sympathy and comfort you all.

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