Born 21 MAR 1981
Died 21 MAY 2019
Late Shamanthi Loganathan
Age 38
Shamanthi Loganathan 1981 - 2019 Jaffna Sri Lanka


Kris Rose 12 AUG 2019 Australia

Dear cannot except you are cannot except that the world did not cry aound all that could be heard were the pindrop sounds of be alive somewhere in this will never except your death and i will never believe a word from anyone that speaks near or about you. You were my only friend i had in this world. i live now with over 8 billion people and i am so
Bruno was taken from me just so you know and i have tried to kill my self everal times but God will not let me die. I have injected so much heroin u p my arm and have taken so many pills but no i cannot if you are in Heaven could you ask for a humble little small so when i do get there we can be closer so is the first time i have seen you in photo since the stay i am very sorry for being so terrible to forgive me.
Love and kindess always