Born 30 OCT 1955
Rest 23 AUG 2019
Mr Muthukumaraswamy Kailasanathan (கைலாஸ், மாதவன்)
Age 63
Muthukumaraswamy Kailasanathan 1955 - 2019 Jaffna Sri Lanka
Rest in Peace
Muthukumaraswamy Kailasanathan
1955 - 2019

We met through Douglas Devananda when I was in Colombo University along with Oberoi Devan and Chinna Bala. At that time Kailash was in-charge of grooming and influencing future leaders in Jaffna University for GUES and also EROS active generall commitee member.
During the Kannathiddy kibbutz model farm raid (created by EROS on Arulappu Masterland, the late grandfather of singer MIA), he was one of the many that was captured and tortured by the SL army. He continued doing covert work for EROS till the early 90's.
He was a constant companion of comrade Ratnasabapathy till his death.
Kailash was a very soft spoken and diplomatic person who always a mediator.
My deepest condolence to his younger brother, Amaran and family

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