Mrs Navaratnarajah indrani Born : 26 AUG 1944 - Died : 11 MAY 2019 (Age 74)
Lived Place Nunavil East
Navaratnarajah indrani 1944 - 2019 Puththoor Sri Lanka


Suresh 12 MAY 2019 United Kingdom

எங்கள் மனமார்ந்த அனுதாபத்தை தெரிவிக்கிறோம்.

Our hearts are saddened by the loss of “Rasa Chihthi” and our thoughts and prayers are with your family. May the soul of “Rasa Chihthi” be at peace with our Heavenly Father.

Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that we feel for the passing of “Rasa Chihthi”, but please accept our condolences and we will be sure to include her in our prayers.

Suresh Family, London