Born 15 FEB 1933
Rest 22 MAY 2020
Mr Kanthapillai Sithamparapillai
Age 87
Kanthapillai Sithamparapillai 1933 - 2020 Puthukudiyiruppu Sri Lanka


Mailvaganam Balasingham (Canada) (Ananthapuram) 23 MAY 2020 Canada

I was very shocked hearing this about you sir. You were always with a smiling face and had never raised your voice at any students before. There was never a moment i can remember where i saw anger in your face. You were and always will be my idol on how a man should be. A very good example of how a teacher should be was always you. It pains to hear that you are no more with us but for your kind genuine soul, you will rest in peace and my sincere condolences to your family. Though you are not here, your lessons on how to approach life will always be remembered.