Born 16 MAR 1943
Rest 04 MAR 2020
Mrs Arunakiri Rajakumari
Age 76
Arunakiri Rajakumari 1943 - 2020 Chankanai Sri Lanka
Dear Sis
Arunakiri Rajakumari
Sri Lanka

I don't think I ever met you but I know all of your other siblings except the youngest two. Rajesh and I were in the same class and in love with the same boy when we were 14 or 15 years old at the same school. My daughter was born during IPKF and Tigers war time at Dr Naganathan's private hospital in Chankanai. It was a god sent blessing at that time. I am sure you had a full and complete life and so proud of everyone's acheivements all your life.

So my dear sis who I didn't have the privilege to meet, you are in the happiest place now, fly high and Rest in Peace.

To all other family I share your grief, and as I come to terms with the word" demise", please remember the happiest times you had with her and celebrate her life.

Rajesh, I am sure you know who I am and I wish all of you peace.

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