Born 02 JUL 1924
Rest 03 NOV 2019
Sinnathamby Thuraiappah 1924 - 2019 Kadduvan Sri Lanka
Mala & family members!
Your Aiya’s physical life ended, but his legacy of wisdom, integrity, and courage he has imparted to all of you will go on forever. Your loving Aiya dint go away from you. He walks beside you-unseen, unheard but always near, still alive & still missed by all! Death ends the physical life but not the relationship! When our loved one is in Heaven, there is a little bit of Heaven in your Homes too!
Like a drop of water flows into a stream his life has flown into a Greater Life in order to fulfil it’s immortal destiny. All of you must be comforted to know that yr loving Aliyah is now part of that Great Life that goes on
He would have suffered if he lingered on. Now that he is in a spiritual plane, he is free of earthly sufferings & could bless Your family from there!
Very sorry that we could not be with you all at this hour of sorrow. But we pray for his soul to Rest In Peace🙏🏽
Time will be a great healer.
JeyaAcca & Family

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