Born 07 JUL 1924
Rest 12 MAR 2019
Late Rukmani Ammal Ramasamy Iyar
Age 94
Rukmani Ammal Ramasamy Iyar 1924 - 2019 Kumbakonam - India India


Suresh, Abi, Sash, Vishal, Ramesh, Louise, Sashi, Andrew, Shanaya And Hamish 15 MAR 2019 United Kingdom

Dear Paati,
We shall always remember you with love and fondness. We have much to learn from you from your simplicity and your discipline in your diet and regular exercise. I remember playing with you in Hong Kong with my shopping trolly and how you taught mum your moorkali recipe. I recall you teaching Ramesh and I how to write Sri Ramajayam everday. Ramesh and I still have the blankets you made us and we shall always treasure that. Vishal and Sash love cuddling under Kolu paati's blanket and we are so glad they got to meet you and have cuddles with you when in Australia. We shall really miss you Paati, much love from your grandchildren and great grandchildren.